Over the past few years gender-based violence has been alarmingly rife in our country. The statistics here in South Africa are among the highest in the world. Femicide, sexual assault and harassment are not new to us. It’s estimated that one in five women have experienced violence at the hands of their partners.

Here are some of the numbers recorded in 2019:

* 2 930 women murdered in 2018/2019

* 110 rapes a day (reported)

* 56 murders a day

* 19.3% of victims are women and children.

Enough is enough, at Ubunye Africa, we have decided to take a stand against gender based violence by empowering young women. Introducing the Zimbokodo Project. The initiative aims to create equal opportunities, provide skills development and training courses for the young woman in South Africa.
Criteria for the program is as follows:
* Females aged 18-35* Seeking opportunities in the built environment such as:* Civil Engineering* Construction * Design* Health & Safety* Quantity Surveying* Land Surveying 
CV’s should be sent to info@ubunyeafrica.com. Closing date for the program is the 28th February 2020.Attachments area

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