Introduction to Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piles are used worldwide for the construction of quays walls and breakwaters in harbours, locks and for bank reinforcement on rivers and canals, flood protection in urban infrastructure, erosion protection in coastal areas.

Other applications are temporary cofferdams in land and in water, permanent bridge abutments and reinforced concrete pier castings, retaining walls for underpasses or underground car parks,impervious containment walls,excavation/building pits for underground services, storm water pipelines, electrical cables, embankment protection etc

Typical Uses of Sheet Piling

  • Temporary cofferdam for construction of a pump-house below ground level.
  • Temporary cofferdam for construction of the pile-cap for pier in a river.
  • Temporary cofferdam for construction of a basement to a building.
  • Permanent wall as part of the construction of a harbour quay.
  • Permanent cut-off wall to restrict the flow of groundwater.